Selecting "Timer" enters the sub-area in which it’s possible to define the Timer configurations, or timers capable, in parallel and independently of each other, in order to accumulate the time during which certain conditions occur (for example a channel included in a certain threshold of values).

The Timer is a similar concept to an alarm in the sense that violations of thresholds are continuously checked, with the difference that if they occur then the time accumulation is activated and only the exhaustion of the maximum expected time can trigger graphic evidence and mediating strategies "GEN" actions (with absolute priority).

Timers are only managed while in "Run".


    In this image we see the editor settings of the Timers; if present they are still active in the background, do not require selections or enablement but only react to the thresholds set for each logical channel involved.

    There is no link between setting a logical channel in an Alarm configuration with its possible pairing to a Timer.

    In this image you see the details for each Timer set:

    • must have a unique name
    • refers to the status of a logical channel with respect to two thresholds
    • the violation of each threshold (delayed for consistency) can be a condition of time accumulation as well as the cause of execution of an Action with absolute priority
    • a maximum accumulation time is defined, after which:
            -   the eventual associated Action is triggered with absolute priority
            -   is allowed to terminate an eventual Sequence in progress but it is not possible to execute others                   until the Timer is reset
            -   if you exit the "Run" it’s no longer possible to go back until the Timer is reset
            -   popup message notifies the situation

    • it’s possible to define a time before the completion of the accumulation to be notified, by means of notification popups, that the time is running out
    • it’s possible to change or reset the accumulated time
    • all the operations are stored and are available in “Memo”

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