Founded in 1999, EURINS develops integrated applications, hardware and software, for measurement, testing and automation for both industry and research laboratories.

EURINS main business sector is represented by the automotive market, where it ranges from production tests to research and development to road tests.

The synthesis of over 20 years of experience in applications in test benches (engines, vehicles, components) consists of the AdaMo Hyper 6 system for the management of measurements, controls and automations at "DDRT" level ("Dynamic Distributed Real Time").

EURINS can provide the AdaMo Hyper 6 system for new test benches as well as integrate it into the renovation of existing test cells, selecting which hardware components to replace and which to maintain based on the performance targets for the application.

Since its foundation EURINS has been a partner of National Instruments and currently is a certified Alliance Partner.

EURINS combines solid experiences of:

 - engine test bench (diesel, gasoline, natural gas, alternative fuel, hybrid);

 - roller test bench (motor bykes, cars, trucks);

 - measurements and tests in the industrial and "on the field";

 - systems for both production line and laboratory;

 - solutions distributed even in remote sites;

 - systems for climatic wind tunnel;

 - systems for acoustic and vibrational analysis;

 - telemetering and remote-control solutions via radio;

 - GSM, SAT;

 - acquisition from both sensors and field buses;

 - design and development of "custom" boat systems;

 - GPS / DGPS positioning both local and remote;

 - both land and marine applications.

Market & Application areas covered

• Automotive test benches
• engines (R&D, Production)
• vehicle (Roller, Emissions)
• components
• ECU (acquisition, calibration, diagnostic)
• DOE (Design On Experiment)
o off line / on line
o ASAP3 (100 ms)
o fast access (1 ms)

Eurins Srl a socio unico - Via Calzavecchio 23, 40033 Casalecchio di Reno (Bo) - Tel. +39 335 645 3388 - PIva 02029391204