• Validation of Test Results for Activities in the Engine Test Room with Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

NI products are a reference in terms of measurement and control, but a  further and even more important quality of the system
AdaMo is hardware and software modularity, which makes it a very valid tool for research activities, not only in the automotive sector.

  • Re-engineering AdaMo Engine Test Benches

Improvements to the quality of life of AdaMo and its integration with test benches, allowing for a standardization of foundamental channels, names,numbers and ordering of costants.

  • AdaMo gives new life to the test bench: renew without waste, passing from obsolete to best-in-class

AdaMo system, based on scalable Real-Time/FPGA NI CompactRIO platform, allows to meet specific requirements of each renewal, considering previous settings, performances and integrating necessary evolutions.

  • Road simulator on rotating rollers for real fatigue testing of mechanical components in buses, trucks and trailers

Develop an architecture based on an NI PXI Real-Time node, three NI CompactRIO nodes and a computer with OS Windows, minimizing cabling and locating intelligence.

  • Measurement and analysis of electric power on board hybrid and electric vehicles at the Joint Research Center (Ispra - Italy)

Setting up NI CompactRIO-9068 with specific hardware modules, develops and integrates software components (Windows, Real-Time and FPGA) for synchronous acquisition from various data sources.

  • CAN bus parameter converter of vehicles with analogue signals for tests on roller benches

NI Single-Board RIO embedded system creates an autonomous device, able to identify the type of CAN traffic, intercept/decode chosen parameters, generate corresponding analog signals.

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