EURINS can provide the AdaMo Hyper 6 system for new test benches as well as integrate it into the renovation of existing banks, selecting which hardware components to replace and which to maintain based on the performance targets for the application.

The AdaMo Hyper 6 system performs measurements, controls and automations at DDRT level (Dynamic Distributed Real Time).

AdaMo Hyper 6 is developed using NI LabVIEW (Real Time & FPGA) and NI LabVIEW NXG (Windows & Web), ready to interface with NI FlexLogger and NI SystemLink.

AdaMo Hyper 6 features

 Real Time High Density Automation

  •         1 ms closed-loop rate

  •         measurement

  •         control

  •         PID

  •         profile execution

  •         sequence of Actions (RT editor)

  •         DOE (Design Of Experiments)

  •         channel-based judgement and alarm

  •         data saving (Logger, Snap, Average)

  •         live channels broadcasting over ethernet and CAN bus

Synchronized math channels

  •         RT scaling (Table, Polynomial, Fit)

  •         statistical filtering

  •         angle-based measurement

  •         2D Look Up Table

  •         conditional (IF THEN ELSE)

 Third-party interfacing

  •         stand-alone devices (Serial, TCP-IP, CAN)

  •         ECU (K-line, CAN, ASAP3, Fast ECU Access)

  •         NI FlexLogger

  •         NI SystemLink

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