EOLO PRT mod: E 124

This family of EOLO, developed for high performance applications, is proposed on the PXI hardware platform (industrial standard), which combines a compact design with the capabilities and performance of a modern personal computer: pentium class processor, 512 MB RAM, high capacity HDD .

EOLO PRT performs data logger functions, even at very high frequency, but also as a signal generator and a gateway bus. One of the most typical applications of this product is the study of combustion dynamics, where it allows to perform acquisitions both on time and angle (crank angle) and to evaluate the results of combustion in real time.

The hardware has a remarkable modularity, typical of the EOLO philosophy:

  • 64 analog input channels (1.25 MS / s)
  • 4 analog channels of simultaneous sampling input (10 Ms / s / ch)
  • 10 channels of dynamic analog output (1MS / s)
  • digital lines and counters
  • 2 RS-232 serial ports
  • 1 10/100 Ethernet port
  • 2 CAN ports (high speed and low speed / fault tolerant)
  • 2 interfaces for K line
  • Real-time wireless telemetry: GSM / GPRS or WiFi

The characteristics of the management software are determinism, ease of use thanks to the advanced user interface, versatility and openness to third-party communication and datalogger standards:

  • Embedded real time operating system
  • Remote PC user interface via embedded web and ftp server
  • Calibration functions
  • Acquisition modes and configurable triggers
  • Generation of real-time signals for third-party dataloggers
  • Simultaneous acquisition from sensors, CAN bus, K line
  • Numeric and graphical data display in real time
  • Opening to the following software interfaces:
  • ASAP 3
  • ASAP 2
  • KWP 2000
  • McMess

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