EOLO - Software

EOLO Suite for Real-Time targets, PDAs and PCs

The system software suite consists of a module for the Real-Time acquisition unit, one for the monitoring unit, and one for the PC for receiving telemetry data.

The real-time software module (cRIO or cFP) is developed in LabVIEW Real-Time.

In the case of the cFP platform, the application uses FieldPoint drivers for data acquisition from the installed analog and / or digital input modules, and the low-level configuration of the cFP bank is carried out in the Measurement and Automation Explorer environment.

In the case of the cRIO platform, the FPGA is programmed according to the modules physically present using LabVIEW FPGA and the transmission to the Real Time controller of the data acquired from the field takes place on a PCI bus.

In order to ensure compatibility with the different hardware configurations, different bitstreams are provided for the FPGA, which can be downloaded to the unit simply via FTP.

The embedded application carries out a series of functions of considerable added value: application of both tabular and polynomial engineering scales; assignment of logical names to physical channels and definition of units of measurement; memorization and definition of custom system setups that can be recalled at any time according to the test needs; definition of trigger channels for the beginning and the end of the acquisition; management of two parallel acquisition loops, one with high frequency for fast signals and one with low frequency for slowly variable signals, such as thermocouples, in order to optimize the overall performance of the system; transmission on request, via Ethernet TCP / IP or serial RS-232, of data to the monitoring unit; transmission via GPRS in real time of the data acquired to a central server; GPS data reception.

The software application for monitoring units is developed in LabVIEW PDA. Using TCP / IP over Ethernet or RS-232 communication, the PDA receives the list of names and units of measurement of the active channels on the acquisition unit and their value in real time, making it available in numerical and / or graphic format .

The data logger configuration in terms of logical names, engineering scales, setup recall, is performed by PC interfacing with the embedded application through a Web Browser.

Telemetry data reception is carried out by a specially developed module that, in addition to receiving and displaying data in real time, can recover recorded files.

  • Real-time GPRS telemetry and on-demand transmission of recorded files
  • TCP / IP or RS-232 communication between Real-Time targets and PDAs
  • Numerical and graphical data monitoring with PC web interface
  • Storage and recall of test setup based on the hardware scenario
  • Assignment of logical names, units of measurement and engineering scales in real time (tables and polynomials)
  • Definition of events / channels associated with start and stop acquisition
  • Configuration of acquisition mode and frequency

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