The highly prestigious Eurins activity on the automotive market has a leading role in the AdaMo software, developed for the management of the engine test benches.

The development of this project has led to innovative software, able to manage and configure very different types of hardware, as well as to carry out "steady-" test cycles. you are "that" dynamic "in a completely automatic way.

EURINS can provide the "AdaMo" system for new test benches as well as integrate it into the renovation of existing banks, selecting which hardware components to replace and which to maintain based on the performance targets for the application.

With AdaMo it is possible to:

  1. recognize and manage different physical resources such as:
  2. data acquisition cards (National Instruments, Advantech),
  3. modular systems: FieldPoints (National Instruments), Gantner, WAGO
  4. stand-alone devices via serial protocol or tcp / ip
  5. electronic control units through the use of the ASAP3 interface
  6. define logical channels and formula to monitor, save to file and use for bank management
  7. create desktops for data visualization;
  8. create, using a dedicated meta-language or a wizard, fully parameterizable and customized test cycles.


AdaMo is able to monitor and update the input and output channels at a frequency of 10 Hertz; this allows to realize "dynamic" cycles (ETC) completely respecting the reference legislation.

AdaMo saves data in files in ASCII format, easily exportable from any post-processing software such as Excel or DIAdem.

In AdaMo itself, it is possible to launch DIAdem macros for automatic report printing.

The environment, thanks to the modularity and versatility described, is completely open to future developments and the integration of new hardware and software modules.

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